While email does, in many circumstances, facilitate communication, email cannot be guaranteed as a secure method of communication. 

Brian Thomas, PsyD/Thomas Neuropsychology utilizes Protected Trust Secure Messaging Platform to provide our clients and business associates with a higher level of privacy and security. This solution enables us to conveniently transmit sensitive information in a secure and private manner so that only the sender and the intended recipients have access to the personal information via email.

Brian Thomas, PsyD/Thomas Neuropsychology believes that encrypted email implementation is a critical factor in protecting client and business associate information. The Protected Trust solution will not require any additional investment or equipment on your part. You will be able to securely reply to us, while complying with the governmental regulations such as HIPAA – HITECH. Protected Trust uses digital signature hashes to verify that the contents of your correspondence have not been altered while in transit and at rest, keeping the integrity of the information.

As our valued client, should you wish to communicate by encrypted email, we will send you a notification via email that you have a secure message from us with a link to view the message. To ensure that you are the one that views the message, you will be asked to answer a security question to verify your identity. Once you input the answer you may view the message and reply back to us securely.

There are two quick-start videos on the Protected Trust website to help you learn more about how to reply to our secure communications.  If you have any questions feel free to contact the Protected Trust Support Team at 863-594-1141, Option 2 or email them at support@protectedtrust.com.